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HS Schoch


For men it's speed, for women smartness deciding the competition

Sometimes it's difficult to find words for what is obvious for everybody. But try to DESCRIBE what makes the difference when you regard a face as "male" or "female", of course apart things like beards or make up and layers of lipstick. In the same way it's easy to figure out why the Rallye Aicha des Gazelles is definitely not a small Dakar-Rallye: Testosterone may ask for the thrill of speed and risky driving, but here in the female contest the main focus is on smart skills. Time counts nothing, the shortest way to the next checkpoint is the decisive point. But not with modern GPS-systems - the girlies have to find the route with the help of old maps, compass, protractor and a ruler. Of course driving experience is necessary on the way through the dunes, especially when you drive a Mercedes Sprinter with a long wheelbase. But apart of that there is a difference hard to shape in words, when the competitors end up in the camp late at night or make themselves a comfortable bivouac on the marathon-etappe or when ten women stand together in the sand storm and discuss what could be the best strategy in order to find the next checkpoint. No jokes, they made it!

Oh yeah - and in the end a hair dresser is waiting for the aichas. They want to dress up before the big party after the last stage, have a shower, look nice, feel good - before they start to dance in the dust and heat of the desert, what for sure will ruin their new look. But at least it gives them a reason to care for another beauty salon the other day. Well, in those moments it is easy to see the difference made by the XY-factor.

for the whole story contact: Richard Kienberger