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HS Schoch


Australia's truck drivers want more

Trucks drivers are one of a kind all around the world: Whenever asked about the performance of their trucks - they ask for more. Whenever asked about the money they are paid, regardless if it is a salary from their patrons or the freight rates they are able to charge to their clients - they ask for more. Or as Pete Eyb says it: "When it comes to power it's never enough." By the way, Pete has got a wonderful red Western Star, a cowboy truck with an abundance of shiny parts all around and a Cummins engine performing as much as 600 hp. But - it's never enough. Eyb, whose ancestors came from Germany to Australia long time ago, makes up to 230.000 km a year, and is paid per kilometer, as usual in Australia.

His colleague Danny Bourke at least admits that being a truck driver is not the worst choice in Australia: "If you look at other people and their jobs and their income it's quite good." Danny has moved into a new job a few months ago which gives him the chance to sleep in his home most of the time. He works at Calcimo Lime and Fertilizer, a Sale based company specialised in farm-related products. And - what a surprise - he's convinced that his Kenny could be a bit more powerful. The green beauty is equipped with another Cummins engine, pulling the B-double truck forward with 550 hp.

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