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HS Schoch


Five vehicles participating Arctic Van Test 2010

Meanwhile it’s something like a pilgrimage into the cold: Since more than 20 years some truck journalists are searching the frosty lows. Colleagues from the northern part of Europe have invented a thing called „Arctic Test“ which is nothing less than the attempt to crosscheck the promises of manufacturers with the icy reality. Well, journalists generally do not lack self esteem, but they have to admit that they are helpless when it comes to weather-making. One year the temperatures plunge into the twenties or even thirties (we’re talking about MINUS, just to be sure that you’ve got the point!) what makes the Arctic Test a real thrill, the other year it comes close to what most of the people would regard as a Finish summer: just a lousy few degrees below zero.

This year the testers invited only the tiniest trucks available – due to the economic crisis which hit the trucking industry even harder than other branches there was only the Arctic Van test executed with five vans, one of them the brand new Fiat Doblo which was brought by plane to Helsinki – and then had to go North, there where the cold is expected to be...

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