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HS Schoch

Beauties on Duty

Supertrucks from Northern Europe are fine masterpieces

Lara Croft has to take a bath twice a week, Zeus, the father of all Gods known in Greece, is sending flashes into snow and ice, a fire spitting panther is afraid of drowning in mud. What sounds like a mystery is just a simple job report about some of finlands finest trucks. Now and then they are called „Showtrucks“ – but this is far away from reality: those trucks have to work hard every day, as well as any ordinary truck – and sometimes they have to work even more in order to pay of all the nice decorations and the artwork.

Tomb Raider is the second beauty owned by Risto Koso, Zeus belongs to Jukka Rajala, who has another heavenly truck, a Mercedes Sprinter decorated with scenes showing Thor, the nordic God of Thunder. Finally the panther truck, a Actros named Flaming Star: This gravel bomber is dedicated to Finlands most traditional hockey club, a Helsinki team, for which the panther is a mascot...

for the whole story contact: Richard Kienberger