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HS Schoch


Holy cows and fatalistic drivers

There are no restrictions like No passing, continuous median lines or speed limits. Or no body cares about it. And no body cares about mandatory rests for the truck drivers, those guys sit behind the steering wheel as long as at least one eye is open. Sometimes even longer.Is there a mximum number of passengers allowed in the cabs? Of course not, if the cabin is full, people find a place on the tipper or load compartment. The trucks may be packed up to the sky, heavy loads and containers are secured with tiny hemp ropes. India seems to be a paradise for truck drivers without any police officers bothering the Kings of the Road - but only for those who don’t believe that life comes to an end one day.

When laws are missing or not enforced, freedom is endangered to turn into anarchy, and that’s what you mostly experience on Indias crowded roads: Most of the drivers of any vehicle behave as if dead is a word from an extraterrestrial galaxy. When you pass Shapura on the Mumbai-Delhi Highway (National Highway 8) you see the dark side of Indias traffic: A never ending line of destroyed trucks lines up to a horrific story of hundreds of accidents...

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