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HS Schoch


The Swedish brand and its hardcore fans

The Sewdish truck maker Scania has one huge advantage - its image. A reasonable percentage of the Scania drivers seems to be hard core affiliates and stick to the brand regardless of the actual model. One has a good chance to meet quite a few of those Scania-addicts when attending a truck festival. Especially in southern Europe a Scania with a powerful engine meets the macho attitude which seems to be characteristic for the Latinos (well, that may be prejudice, because some of the most beautiful Scanias are even owned by Finnish hauliers). The result of this unique combination are wonderful trucks, covered with artistic paintings, pimped with stainless steel and even more lights than a christmas tree could carry, polished with love and thus sparkling like precious gemstones. We found three of this kind, doing different jobs and owned by different transport companies...

for the whole story contact: Richard Kienberger