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HS Schoch


The new truck is working north of the Polar Circle

It seemed that bonneted trucks are close to be an endangered species with a safe habitat only mostly in the US and other exotic countries like India or China. But now the biggest truck manufacturer on earth has created a new bonneted truck. After a long break you may receive press kits from Mercedes Benz again praising the advantages a truck with a nose (which had been denied for decades). Sounds strange, but apart the handicap in countries with overall lenght restrictions this concept seems to grant a few advantages.

Basically the brand new Zetros is a development for military purposes and therefore most of the time is dressed in olive working cloth or extravagant camouflage outfit. But of course Mercedes is prepared to sell this truck also to civilians asking for a vehicle with a high grade of mobility and tout terrain talents. Then the appearance is in innocent white as the Zetros sold to Helsinki based company Eltel, a specialist for construction and maintenance of networks. But if you look into the cab of the first civil Zetros you only may find the well known rough charme of an army vehicle: plastic dashboard and the big round skylight which is of no use as the Eltel-staff is not out in Kittilä, Northern Lappland, for hunting reindeers or moose...

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